REVIEW: DC Comics: Bombshells #87

Super Weapon Part 3 of 3

Set in 1942 this vintage inspired comic is an interesting read. With the iconic “We can do it” feel of that era this comic invokes the feeling of female power. It doesn’t have that a feminazi agenda like some other vintage inspired comics but it does push the boat out on female empowerment.

With iconic super hero’s such as Power Girl, Super Girl, Lois Lane and The Reaper busting out the girl power, this series is truly aimed at the female audience, although the pin-up style art may not to be everyone’s taste. (personally, I like it for what it is)

So, this issue is part 3 of 3 and we find out that the super weapon is actually a super person. Dr. Hugo Strange mad scientist extraordinaire has built the ultimate weapon and he is now feeling its wrath as she no longer wants to be caged.

Super Girl has helped release her for her ties to Strange and now they are trying to escape his layer but not before they let the other captives free. (this is an important bit)

Finding out the Strange was using clones of Super Girl to try perfect his weapon give her hope that she may find her sister Power Girl.

Lois Lane and the reaper appear and not realising they are helping cut off the defence system in Strange’s layer. The gang get ready to leave but The Reaper isn’t happy. She had come for Hugo Strange and didn’t want to leave without him but Super Weapon isn’t going to let that happen. Her first act as “a free agent” is preventing the death of strange. It’s not his time and it is not going to happen while she is there.  Lois talks the reaper down before any more damage can be done.

As they make their way to freedom, they go get the last clone prisoner. Super Girl hopes to get her sister but instead gains a brother DON DON DON plot twist!!!

Now with the power of 3 superheros’ they can make their escape. Their power re-emerges and the way out is within their reach. But Hugo Strange has other plans and sets his beasts on them. Tentacles come from everywhere and try to capture out band of hero’s and helpers. But with their renewed powers and love they reach for the sky and fly higher and higher and bust out of Leningrad and off to safety.

In the end good prevails over evil and wins the day, or so they think…  Rating 3 out of 5

Written by Marguerite Bennett
Pencils Aneke
Inks Aneke
Colored by Wendy Broome
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