REVIEW: DC Comics: Bombshells #93

We begin this part of the story with Hugo Strange’s Laboratory in ruins. Killer Frost and Super Girl are on the ice above in a heated/frosted battle. The mysterious general is making sure Strange knows who’s boss and where all his trinkets actually come from. She one crazy lady. (That’s just my opinion)

At Harley’s Circus above ground, Hugo Strange has risen from beneath the deep riding a mutated Octopus of all things so Harley and Ivy must try to stop him. While on the wall Lois Lane is fully prepared to fight with the other leading ladies. With a poisoned apple from Ivy she knocks out Hugo strange and give Super Girl some kind words to remind her of who she is and why she is fighting the good fight. “Learn and listen and live in kindness, choose for yourself, Acting for the legacy of the people you love..but also for them still livin”.  Go team Lois (I never thought I’d say that, awesome quote though).  While this tender moment is happening a pack of what look like werewolves’ attack and Killer Frost sees her moment to attack again. Killer Frost doesn’t know how she has her powers and feels unstoppable until she is hit with a tank, yes a tank. I know right not only that but its driven by the general, the person Killer Frost was working for in the first place. That must suck. Words are spewed between them but then Super Girl see her and calls out “General Khulun”!!!! DON DON DON!!!! Yes they know each other.

General Khulun persuades our Super Girl to fly with her, telling her they are alike, that she is not alone and that she has so much more to tell her. So with a quick and tender good-bye to Lois off the two of them fly. General Khulun pushes Super Girl to test her limits. Telling her to fly faster than she has ever done before and then they stop or at least time does. This story line just keeps getting better. Super Girl realizes that the general is not from this world but then the general drops the first of 2 major truths on her. She is also from Krypton, supporting the facts that so is Super Man and Power Girl in a fashion. Super Girl is not happy. She feels betrayed by one of her own who allowed them all to suffer at the hands of others, to be rules over and never did anything to help.

Super Girl knows she has met the general before, she found the clones after that so she know the general isn’t a clone of her…but who is she and why has she revealed herself now…that my friends is the second and most powerful truth she learns…what till you find out!

As usual the bombshell comics are beautiful drawn and the dialogue is fantastic and not even the slightest bit cheese which makes me very happy. This is a fantastic series and a great read for everyone.

Rate 5 out of 5

Written by Marguerite Bennett
Pencils Laura Braga
Inks Laura Braga
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