REVIEW: DC Super Hero Girls #9

Past times at superhero high

So after watching DC Super Hero Girls for the first time at Christmas on the recommendation of my 8 year of niece, I was SUPER excited to review a comic based on the show.  See what I did there 😉

This comic is a fantastic way to get the younger generation into reading super hero comics. It allows them to relate it back to the ever popular show making it more interesting to read. It is empowering for young girls and boys to see these hero’s at a young age. It teaches them a lot of valuable lessons not only on friendship but also on the bigger things in life. It also encourages them to listen and learn in school which we see in a big way in this issue of the comic series.

We start with our super hero gang in trouble, fighting teachers in the past. They are trying to protect the important “dino egg”. Because of this they must work together as a team using the skills they know and have been learning to defeat their alternative timeline teachers and save the world.

We see not only hero’s such as wonder woman, bat girl and super girl but also future villains like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy working hard as a team of friends. This comic also introduces readers to lesser known characters such as katana and the wasp.

At first our hero’s are not doing well against their foes, Harley is getting hit by goo balls and being swept up by the red hurricane’s winds.  The others are still inside the school building and this is not good for our gang as they fight their way out of trouble.

Wonder Woman leads the rest of them out the school door to evens up the odds in the fight against the evil school teachers.

We see each character using the lessons they have learned from the teachers they are actually fighting to beat off the attack.  Ivy uses her dramatic entrance to gain the upper hand, Wonder Woman uses her ability to fight while flying and Katana using her opponents flaws in his armour to gain the upper hand.

This is a nice little comic which would do well in the young reader’s sections. The illustrations are bright and colourful and the word count is just the right amount to cater for its target audience.

I would totally recommend this series for the young readers in your life. Get them reading it, get them excited about it and then we create the next generation of Comic Crusaders. 4 out of 5


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