REVIEW: DEAD NO MORE: The Clone Conspiracy #2

Dan Slott brings us issue #2 of 5 of this Spider-Man event, where we begin in San Fransisco following Kaine in what appears to be a zombie infested earth.  The story moves to Parker in the tentacles of Doc Ock; as was the ending of issue one.

Essentially the subsequent pages consist of Spidey following the Jackal through a cameo heavy facility, in what feels like a “sales pitch.”  Jackal even takes the time to explain his new look, invoking the Greek god of Anubis, and jabs his older look.  We see a laundry list of Spider-Man’s foes and those who have perished under his watch.



The art team really shine in this event.  I recommend picking up the issues based entirely on the art.  Justin Ponsor colors just make these issues mesmerizing!  Jim Cheung, John Dell and Justin Ponsor give us another beautiful comic in issue #2.  Once again, it feels a tad heavy on exposition and the pace suffers for it.  I did enjoy the inclusion on Kaine and Spider-Gwen and the hook (which I chose not to spoil) at the issues conclusion has me ready for issue #3.

Written by: Dan Slott
Penciled by: Jim Cheung
Inked by: John Dell
Colors by: Justin Ponsor
Letters by: VC’s Joe Caramagna

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