REVIEW: Deadpool #1

Written by Gerry Duggan, art by Mike Hawthorne, published by Marvel

So Deadpool is now running his own mercenary/merchandising business and funding the Avengers in a comic so steeped in irony you could give it to a heavily menstruating cow to top up her deficiency.

Firstly it is funny. Not fresh underpants for every page funny, but dark clever funny. Fanboys are going to hate it because there’s not enough dick n’ fart jokes but it’s self awareness doesn’t care, it’s telling the audience that Deadpool is funding Marvel, which in turn is funding the movies which in turn is making Fox crawl up it’s own arse because they only have the movie rights and not the lucrative merchandising rights that Marvel keep rubbing themselves over… But I digress.

The art is above average. Expressive line work with hand held camera compositions throughout most of it. Suits the tone of the story, which is darker than most Deadpool stories, less kicks to Captain America’s bollocks, more industry commentary gags like Deadpool signing a sword for a child.

There’s a lot going on in this first issue and it will illicit whinging from the peanut gallery. It’s interesting and feels like a continuation of Rick Remender’s Deadpool from his Uncanny X-Force run, which was a good take on the character.

I’m willing to bet 5p the people who don’t get it will claim it’s rubbish because Marvel want to sabotage the movie in 2016.

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