REVIEW: Deadpool #32

Deadpool is the only one who can conform and revolt at the same time and get away with it. Why? Because he’s the wild card that everyone wants in their pocket. Hydra Steve Rogers knows this. Written by Gerry Duggan, who has been on the Deadpool book for some time now and I believe has perfected the attitude and wild nature of the character known as Deadpool. From witty quips to sick burns, and the minor funny self talking banter. I just can’t get enough Deadpool. Matteo Lolli draws the silly metaphors as well as the serious stuff in this book wonderfully as Deadpool takes on this wild ride inside the Hydra system. Wanna know more? Fail Hydra!

Deadpool has been chosen to bring in the nonconformists of Hydra. It’s a long list I’m sure. Also he’s juggling a normal personal life with his daughter while maintaining the title merc with a mouth. He struggles with the new government system but we all know Wade is highly adaptable to any situation. No matter how messed up it is. The good thing, he knows it’s messed up and this is what I like about Duggan’s Deadpool. He’s a scumbag, crazy, funny mercenary but damn is he lovable and in the end we know he’d throw the emperor over the death star rail and save Luke. Whoa did that last sentance get way off track. Back to it. As Deadpool is hunting down potential hideouts of the resistance, his conscience begins to eat at him. Can Deadpool be our favorite inside mole mercenary? I hope so. This book has enough teasing of the Hydra guards to keep you entertained and teasing your own Hydra fan friends for weeks to come. It’s going to be fun to watch!

Deadpool #23 keeps true to Deadpool as we all know and love him. The art is fantastic and gets you in the story where the panels blend together as if you’re watching a show or short film. This will be a great book as Secret Empire continues as we will get to see this inside look of the system. Deadpool style. And if I have a clue of how our favorite merc with a mouth will handle things, well I’m sure it will be with a bang and a lower than low insult followed by some sweet revenge. Deadpool #32 gets four out of five stars. Maximum effort!

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Penciler: Matteo Lolli
Cover Artist: David Lopez

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