REVIEW: Deadpool #6

Story- Gerry Duggan
Art- Scott Koblish
Colors- Nick Filardi

Wade Wilson is on the minds of fans across the world with the Marvel film launching in February. You would think that House Of Ideas would be ramping up the title that carries the movie’s namesake. Nope, you’d be wrong. Instead we get this. Deadpool goes to where few heroes have gone, (OK, more than a few) by travelling to the distant future of 2099.

The book opens as future Deadpool evades the future NYPD on the back of a future techno-dragon, while firing off future bullets into the future air. Tired of reading about future crap yet? Well strap in because we get to replace swear words and techie jargon with future words like “shocking”! I hate when a comic goes to the distant future or past and then takes the time to beat the reader over the head with a constant reminder of the time period they are in. Future Deadpool is a murdering scumbag who I hated from the word go. Within the first few panels of her appearance, she shoots and kills a cop and then leads an ambush on the other pursuing officers. (A real hero, right?)

We then discover that Wade Wilson, our era’s mouthy merc, (Now looking like father time ala a long white beard) is being held hostage by this time’s Deadpool. The reveal is that 2099 Deadpool is actually Warda, Wade’s own daughter, who wants to know the whereabouts of her mother. Unfortunately past Deadpool is so old that he can no longer remember. Thus Warda is forced to continue torturing her dad with bad TV. (Are you slapping your knee yet?) Wade is being tortured with reruns of C-SPAN. A joke that falls flat, but don’t worry fans! You’ll only have to suffer through it five or six more times before the book finally and thankfully ends.

I’m not sure if Marvel is just killing time before the Deadpool movie launches or if this storyline is going to tie up some hanging plotlines. (I’m guessing no on that one) One thing is for sure, this can NOT be the book that new fans discover after they leave the cinema, they will leave this title faster than they picked it up. Changes better be in the works at Marvel… and I’m not talking 2099 kind of future either, I’m talking a major overhaul.

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