REVIEW: Deadpool and the Merc’s for Money #8

Marvels Inhumans -v- X-Men

The Terrigen Mist was released, Mutants were poisoned, War ensued, Major losses on both side and then a 5 year truce.  This is where we find our Merc’s for money, living in New York protecting those who can afford it.

We find out rag-tag Merc’s feeling relieved with the news the makeup of the mist has changed and no longer poisonous to mutants, but Deadpool isn’t too sure. Domino, Gorilla Man, Hit Monkey, Machine Man and Ren Kimura are happy to believe it though.

Fast forward 5 years. Deadpool is in Cambodia with Negasonic Teenage Warhead laying down the facts. He knows she has something to do with the change in the Terrigen Mist. He confronts her in his usual shoot from the hip style asking why she did it. Telling her she may have saved the mutants but the war still prevailed and more losses were had on both sides and even more for those caught in the middle.

I personally love the interaction between these two characters. Deadpool want to protect Negasonic even though he is not on any one side. This duo is one of my favourites in the Marvel universe.

While Deadpool is with Negasonic the rest of the Merc’s are trying to control themselves and not start fighting with the X-Men who are currently protecting her.  The war of words begins both saying they want to protect their own. The X-Men not trusting the Merc’s since the have an Inhuman as part of their team. Ren desperately tries to convenes them that she is not an enemy, she didn’t release the gas, she wants peace not war…..then the Inhumans appear.  A fight breaks out and Deadpool and Negasonic run back to the others to find out why.

In usual Deadpool fashion he runs straight into the fight, swords blazing, Mouth flapping. Negasonic has had enough and tries to stop everyone. But in the thick of it one of the Inhumans absorbed Negasonic’s power and try to destroy Deadpool. This was not a good idea. This is the push she needs to change things yet again.

Jump back to the original day Negasonic changed everything…does she do it….does she not? Deadpool is goes to her room and she’s gone but where and will she be safe.

This is a great comic that pulls you in and leaves you wanting more.  I really enjoyed reading it and cant wait to see where they go with it. 5 out of 5

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Iban Coello

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