REVIEW: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again #2

Issue number two opens up with the Punisher inspecting a body that has been riddled with high caliber bullets. Behind Frank Castle stands the people tracking down Deadpool, they are Cable, Misty Knight, Kate Bishop, Jessica Jones, and Moon Knight. Then it immediately shifts to a fight between Venom and Spider-Man. We learn fairly quickly that Deadpool has taken the venom symbiote and while he is fighting Spider-Man we get a glimpse of what Wilson Wade is thinking while fighting The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker. Will Deadpool succeed in killing Parker, what other Spider-Men may turn up in this issue.

There is thing I do not like about this book, and it is a huge part of it to me anyway. It was the artwork of this issue, it just didn’t a good fit to me. Now this book had different sequences, sections where you could see what Deadpool was thinking and these scenes always had a shift in the style of the art and Dalibor Talajic did a great job drawing the different styles. But it just seemed to fall short or look hurried or perhaps to much like a cartoon. But the characters following Deadpool’s path of destruction just didn’t seem drawn as well as the should’ve been. We are talking about Cable and Punisher here, these are insanely popular characters in the Marvel Universe. I didn’t even know who Cable was until I saw his name on the page. These two characters should be instantly recognizable in any issue they appear in.

Cullen Bunn wrote a decent Deadpool story in my opinion. It had all the corny rude humor that comes along with a character like Deadpool, he also wrote everyone else pretty well. This issue was chalked of different characters, as it should be. The whole issue just felt rushed and not very well put together. It just seems to me that the Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe again didn’t really even need to happen nor is it really worth it. I would say this is a obviously a pass. There are plenty of other cooler stories that could have been told about Deadpool why rehash one over again so soon. Marvel should have waited a few years before doing it again. I am big fan of Deadpool and it just pains me to see such a horrible portrayal of him. 2 out of 5 stars!

Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe Again #2
Writer- Cullen Bunn
Artist- Dalibor Talajic

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