REVIEW: Deadpool vs Old Man Logan #1

As usual lately Marvel keeps dealing up a good heavy dose of Deadpool, and why wouldn’t they Deadpool is insanely popular right now and quite funny to read at times.

The first issue of this miniseries opens up with Deadpool and Old Man Logan running as Logan curses Wade Wilson. All of a sudden a full size van falls from the sky landing directly on Wilson and Logan. Then a tank falls on them, then an RV camper and finally a jumbo passenger jet.

Then the book switches to two days earlier with Deadpool riding a subway getting ready to do some work on some local bullies bothering a little old lady of course. But that doesn’t stop Wilson asking the little old lady how much she would pay to see them put in there place.

How do Deadpool and Old Man Logan end up meeting and when do they fight and who will when? Also who the hell is throwing large passenger vehicles at them? Wow that was a lot of questions!

I really don’t have anything bad to say about this book except that maybe the story was a little vague and didn’t seem to me to explain things very well and I hate when issues start out kick ass and then suddenly its two days earlier. But since when did Deadpool stories ever need a lot of explanation.

Declan Shalvey wrote a good issue and did a pretty decent job writing the humor of Deadpool and dealing with all his one liners. I have always enjoyed Deadpool alongside Wolverine and Old Man Logan did not disappoint. DeClan had the two melding quite well together. I do wish Logan would have been a little meaner though he seemed almost to nice to me and the Logan from the villain ravaged time line seems like he shouldn’t take to kindly to Deadpool at all in my opinion.

Mike Henderson did a wonderful with the artwork, it worked with the quirky mannerisms of Deadpool. I also thought Old Man Logan looked very well drawn. The vehicles that were falling on the characters in the beginning of the issue were very detailed and you could tell exactly what they were. The action scenes, which they had a lot (that I like very much), were beautifully put together by both writer and artist.

I truly hope Mike Henderson is picked up by Marvel or any other comic book company for that matter, I would like to see him put out some more work. I like his style a lot, and his storytelling ability with his art was smooth and easy to follow.

All and all I thought this was a really good issue, I like seeing Deadpool and Old Man Logan together it makes for a good read. This issue probably should have gotten a five out of five, but I am actually starting to wear a little thin on the whole Deadpool scene. Marvel have simply over loaded my system with I do believe. With the release of the hugely popular Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds it has catapulted the Deadpool character into a Spider-Man or X-Men status where they are instantly recognizable by everyone. Marvel is taking full advantage of this by flooding the market with everything Deadpool, and why shouldn’t they you have to strike while the iron is hot. In the end this is a good read and I recommend it and I am looking forward to the next issue and further more looking forward to Mike Henderson’s artwork. 5 out of 5 stars!

Deadpool vs Old Man Logan
writer- Declan Shalvey
artist- Mike Henderson

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