REVIEW: Death Force #2


Our main protagonist is killed before his time and taken to Hell where he is offered the chance to get revenge on those that have wronged him, the price of course being his eternal soul no longer belonging to him. Will he seal his vengeance and return to Hell or will he use his new-found powers to take on the Devil himself.

Ok so this book is far from original, with the premise being done in movie, television and book formats many times, but what this book lacks in imagination it makes up for in action and style.

Yes we’ve seen it before but this book does it beautifully, the art is gorgeous and the action panels are done amazingly well, the overall look of the main character is great with his look between Ghost Rider and the Punisher.

No points for originality but it gets a high score for looks. 4 stars for this one.

Death Force #2
Written by Joe Brusha
Art by Marc Rosete
Colours by Walter Pereyra
Letters by Fabio Amelia
Published by Zenescope
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics
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