STORY BY: Stjepan Sejic

ART BY: Stjepan Sejic

COVER BY: Stjepan Sejic

PUBLISHER: Top Cow Productions



Stjepan Sejic continues to build on the fantastic first issue of Death Vigil with this second issue that

builds the story wonderfully and really gets you into this series from Top Cow.

As with my previous review I can talk about Sejic’s art all day. His art is so emotive, in Death Vigil’s

case it really manages to bring out Bernie’s character with her quips, smirks and all round

playfulness that belies the serious nature behind her character and the situation she faces. This is

not restricted to just Bernie every character is so emotive and it really helps sell these characters

when they are conversing. The colors are again just gorgeous the palette that Sejic chooses really

goes with the theme of the story, plenty of purples, blacks and reds that really do come to life

especially in the scenes where magic is being used.

This issue sees Sejic flesh out the world and the supporting cast in Death Vigil, we see this through

the eyes of Clara the newest recruit to the Vigil and whilst there is a weighty amount of exposition in

this issue but, none of it feels forced and is presented in a way that is fun for the reader and makes

you engaged and want to know more about this world Sejic presents us. We also see the mysteries

of the Enemy and the Necromancers explained in a little more detail and the introduction of a

hopefully a really fun comedy villain, much in the way Bendis used Shocker in ultimate spider-man.

The simple fact with this book is it is so much fun; it is full of jokes, does not take itself too seriously

and is just a great fantasy comedy.

If you haven’t read anything by or seen any of Sejic’s work I urge you check this out. The writing is

great, the art is beautiful and whilst it is really funny, it is building a really great story with what is

sure to be an epic confrontation between the Enemy and the Death Vigil.








By Matt Deery

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