REVIEW: Deathstroke #14

Publisher: DC COMICS
(W) James Bonny (A/CA) Tyler Kirkham

Let’s have a look at Deathstroke, he’s very popular and with a cheap knock off movie coming in February, I thought this could even be relevant.

Deathstroke punches and kicks his way through some dreary writing and lifeless art in a comic that opens with child cruelty and closes on a cliffhanger I am willing to bet your mums gold teeth Deathstroke will win through some contrived means I couldn’t be less arsed about.

If they did a radio play of this comic it would sound like the recording team turned up to the testing labs at Xanax by accident. You can hear the droning tone in every word balloon as the writer tries to be dark and edgy and instead turns out dialogue as memorable the last bite of toast you had. There’s a basic plot about DS looking for his daughter and a clever thing to do would be having Deathstroke looking for the humanity he lost being a killer all these years, redeeming himself as best he can without realising it on the way to rescuing a daughter that represents the only good thing he thinks he’s ever done, the way it’s written you’d think he was looking for his car keys in an empty room.

The art looks good on the surface till you realise that the characters look about as lively as an emo shop dummy. The action is all fob as well, all poses and no actual choreography. There’s a nice bit were Deathstroke gets punched in the face three times, but he doesn’t seem to notice.

This is a comic about a man in a silly costume waving swords about and shooting people and robots and getting the shit kicked out of him by a woman in a pencil skirt. I know she’s Lex Luther’s bodyguard, but he’s fucking Deathstroke, we’ve just seen him cleave his way through a small army, was he tired?

Why does this character have his own title?

.3 out of 5

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