REVIEW: Deathstroke: Rebirth #1

Written by Christopher Priest, art by Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz, published by DC

Why DC? Deathstroke, yet another throwback to a time of pouches and falidomide poses. A character devoid of any humanity, utter unlikable and according to this an abusive arsehole to his ex-wife and kids in the flashbacks that make you wish this was Deadpool. I genuinely don’t understand people’s fascination with this absolute turd of a character.

Maybe I’m just tired, but the dialogue felt like a shopping trolly being pushed about by someone with delirium tremens, you can tell what they’re going for but fucked if they will ever get it. There’s a bit with the Clock King that teases the genitals, but just as you’re reaching the vinegar strokes you’re back to family outings and dead bear cubs.

The arts fucking great though! Seriously, Pagulayan spins some gold out of this shit. Subtle emotions, excellent design, a page of talking heads done smartly and some action scenes that spin, kick and shoot with aplomb. He seems to know how to get the best angle in a composition and despite the script not making a lick of sense the art seems to ignore this and gets on with letting you know what’s what.

So yeah this score is for the art alone.

And as a side note, please can we leave the fucking nineties alone?


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