REVIEW: Decay #19

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix, in the spirit of Australia Day and nothing is more Aussie than Decay # 19 a magazine containing a list of stories by various local artists and writers, published by Dark Oz.

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From the very first look at the cover it says read me, because the cover is absolutely gorgeous! This book is a conjunction of short stories from local Australian talent, there is a contrast of blood and gore in some stories whereas some stories are very funny and silly.
This book is a real treat.
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It would not be a true Australia Day without releasing a Decay book, and included in this issue you also get Hairbutt the Hippo, an Aussie Icon who has his own story..
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This book is a lot of fun, suited for fans of gore will really like this, comparable to horror books like Eerie, Tales of the Crypt. This book has a significant amount of content, 40+ pages of fun is to be had. Each story has its own story complimented by the individual artistic talent to enhance the stories, for a lot crammed into one book it is surprisingly very easy to follow.

This is well worth a look, do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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