REVIEW: Deep State #1

Story: Justin Jordan
Art: Ariela Kristantina
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Colors: Ben Wilsonham
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Release Date: November 12, 2014

Occasionally a book grabs my attention and manages to keep me interested from cover to cover. Deep State #1 from Boom! Studios is just such a rarity.

One of the latest in a string of successes from Boom!, the book is everything that mystery science fiction should be; intriguing, science-y, and interesting enough to prompt readers to almost immediately suspend any lingering disbelief.

At it’s heart it is a traditionally fictional conspiracy story revolving around the mother of all modern day science conspiracies: the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing. No, it doesn’t deny that the mission took place, only that it had far stranger origins than the general public has been led to believe. Not Michael Bay strange mind you, but the US government’s motives for going to the moon, in the book at least, are more sinister than just beating the Russians to the lunar surface.

The storytelling is superb, and Jordan does an excellent job of creating necessary suspense for the opening issue. As readers, once that final page is flipped the dread of knowing that you have to wait a month to find out what will happen next to with the enigmatic John Harrow and the green, but determined Agent Branch.

What really sets this book apart from others in the genre is the believability of the dialogue. Nothing feels forced or scripted, no matter how outrageous the circumstances that the characters find themselves in. The interactions are realistic, if a bit comedic, and you’ll find yourself smiling often.

The art is not too shabby, either. Lots of shadows and classic shading that enhance the sense of the unknown seeking to be revealed. Sometimes the ink work does get heavy and a portion of each panel’s vitality is a little lost in the abyss. The illustrations, other than that minor drawback, are great and every other panel haunts the page it is set in.

Overall, this is a nice read and gets this Crusader’s seal of approval.

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