REVIEW: Defenders #1

I don’t know if you’re ready for the Defenders invasion but I sure am. Four different heroes from different backgrounds and origins coming together in this new day and age of Marvel will be very interesting. I like how these characters have pretty much always stayed true to their origins as well. With their world-changing around them and the reaction that they have to it is what really stands out in a story to me. Writer Brian Michael Bendis slams this first issue out with plenty of action and story that will get these heroes for hire rearing to go. Artist David Marquez gives this book a real street rough look that I like a lot. Color artist Justin Ponsor gives it that nice finished touch that brings this book together while Bendis drives.

Our hero’s are reacting from the Secret Empire event and are trapped in New York with a world turned upside down. Jessica has been shot and someone has been trying to take out the Defenders. Enter one thought to be dead Diamondback. He’s back and he’s more brutal than ever. He also opens this book taking back his turf and making a point. There’s even a meme Easter egg in the first few pages. See if you can find it. With our hero’s regrouping they try to figure out who is gunning for them and shocked when they find out who. The panel to panel story to action in this comic is very entertaining, smooth and colorfully creative. As each hero makes the scene he or she gets an explosive old school introduction with bold name popping action! It’s a fresh look for the colors and pencil work as they complement each other. Welding as they cleverly blend together throughout the panels. We even get an awesome cameo as the story escalates.

A lot happens in this first issue. It was quite awesome as story and plan unfold. With the Netflix success of these characters I’m glad to see a comic to match. It will be epic to see them on the small screen. I do enjoy a team up and a villain that is bound to give the hero’s trouble that will only make them stronger in the end. This is a fun team to watch in comic book form and I can’t wait to see them on Netflix as well. Until then I’m quite satisfied with the ride we have until then. Defenders #1 gets five out of five stars.

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) David Marquez

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