REVIEW: The Delinquents #4

Art by KANO
Board Game Cover by JUAN DOE
Variant Cover by CULLY HAMNER

With the team finally arriving at their fabled destination Big Rock Candy Mountain but with their enemies in hot pursuit will the team find the lost treasure of the hobos before it’s too late?

Asmus and Van Lente tie up this series really well providing great closure to the story whilst setting things up for both teams in future issues. Whilst this issue does provide a great send off to this miniseries what it does provide in bucket loads is laughs. I was reading this issue on the bus on the way home and got a fair few looks from other commuters as I was laughing out loud at the great moments of slapstick comedy. Not to be outdone the creative team put so much witty banter into this that the book feels like a stand-up comedy gig, making you chuckle with every panel and showcasing the world exactly what good superhero comedy looks like (even if it is following a map tattooed to a hobos arse).

Kano provides some wonderful inventive panel layouts for this book, much like my review of the first one with the opening of the book feeling more like the opening credits to a movie than a comic, he does not disappoint here either, the splash page in centre is something to behold at its inventiveness, sheer absurdity and downright ingeniousness that I wanted to applaud the creators whilst I was reading the book. Yet not to be outdone by that Kano ensures there is so much detail in each page its untrue and small panels add to the comedy but also enhance the world around these characters as you read them.

In terms of presentation and sheer inventiveness, this issue hands down is the best single issue I have read all year. The story is so ridiculous that you cannot help become invested in it, yet it delivers on more than just cheap gags to keep the plot moving on and instead giving us great character interaction in this team up. Whilst Kano’s art and panel layout really does steal the show the love and care that have done into this book really shows and makes it a great read.

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