REVIEW: Demon # 2

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy in the mix bringing you The Demon # 2 by Matt Kyme (creator, writer, artist) with Graeme Jackson art assistant and Roger Stitson on editor duties. Proudly self published.

Whenever evil ponders, the Demon will strike! Who is this Demon? Who is this hooded vigilante whose face paint resembles death to instills fear into those he encounters?

The second installment is titled The Rat’s Nest, a military base in the former British Indian near Calcutta is where this story is based. Recently a swarm of pirates from an infamous ship known as the Say Ton and their Captain, Hong are held captive. As a team of interrogators are assigned to speak with the pirates help in custody, a mutiny erupts! Not only with the pirates and their Indian guards, also their British superiors and when the interrogators are held prisoners – that’s when the Demon strikes back!

Just like the first story of The Demon, Matt Kyme wanted to keep it as a noir crime story with the feel of the 1930s newspaper comic strip! A risky move if done right, Kyme delivers again! You get the snobbish supposed British charm from that era in the dialogue and there plenty of it. In this book you get 12 panels (5x 3) per page, every page and there is enough in each panel that the story is not rushed and easy to follow. You wouldn’t see any splash pages in this book! It stays true to this era of comics, black and white with the classic art style reminiscent of Flash Gordon and other comic art circa 1930s.

Based on the cover image, you will need to read this book and to find out more!

For fans of crime noir and classic Lee Falk the Pantom, do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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