REVIEW: Dept. H #1

Dept. H from Matt and Sharlene Kindt is unsurprisingly amazing. While the story is just a noir/mystery/thriller, the book itself is so much more. Matt’s art is simply unreal, both with his words and pencils. And Sharlene’s color puts the icing on this very mysterious cake.

As stated before, the story has some similar elements to the Bioshock series, or at least the first two. Underwater research fueled by some visionary billionaire, mysterious deaths, and crazed inhabitants. But there are enough subtle difference that, I am sure, will begin to deviate Dept. H from those stories. And just like most noir stories, this is not so much about the crime, but the characters it affected. And in that aspect, Matt Kindt excels.

I fell in love with this story from the introductory page. In the first the panel betwixt Mia and Q, we get an immediate sense of who these characters are. And the way Matt continues to introduce us to the rest of the cast, later in the issue, is peerless. He gives us little tastes, just so we want more from each and every one of them by the end of the book.

Sherlene’s use of the complementary blue and orange for the overall issue is inspiring. As well as her less saturated tones for the past sequential’s. I also enjoyed how she uses reds and greens, when inside the aquatic research facility, to pull the different cast members into the foreground. I am a sucker for both watercolor and two-tone shading.

The title is very creative. To the naked eye, it seems a bit on the nose, but if you think about it further, especially as you continue through the story, you can see how much it resonates to the theme of the book. Matt’s talent is just unbelievable here. All of the mannerisms he puts into each character tells a larger story than the words could ever. And just like in MIND MGMT, Matt’s pencils and inks in this book are, and will be, incredible. I give Dept. H 5 out of 5 stars.

Dept. H #1 – FEB160017
Matt Kindt (W), Matt Kindt (A), Sharlene Kindt (C)

FOC March 28 /On sale April 20

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