REVIEW: Dept of Monsterology: Sabbatical #1

Dept of Monsterology: Sabbatical #1
Script by Gordon Rennie
Art & Logo design by P J Holden
Colours by Steven Denton
Letters & Production By Jim Campbell
Publisher: Renegade Arts

Let’s judge this book by its cover… Retro B-movie style. Bright and simple. Fits well with the overall boom.

Spoiler free? Nope, not from me!

If you’re sitting comfortably we can begin… At the Department of cryptozoology, mythological studies, parapsychology and Fortean phenomena we meet Mrs Chandrasekeran, secretary to professor Booker and our guide to the teams in this book.

First up we have team Carnacki lead my Emma Hampton, on a mission to locate a portal to the faerie other world. On their way they find Clootie House. A “haunted” house that burned to the ground in 1983 but seems to have gotten better.

Next we travel to Napal and professor Sonam who is taking his young ward, a girl with psychic abilities to a monetary when they are attacked by ape men and are also being watched by a team that seem very interested I. The young girl and her abilities.

From here we meet team Challenger while they are battling a dragon type creature in a robotic suit. They find an abandoned bunker that looks to have belonged to the Nazi’s of WWII. The leader of the team is captured by the locals. A Tribe of primitive men who have Nazi markings and are led by a Hitler look-a-like who even has the Chaplin lip fuzz. Professor De Tovar is alone in a cave filled with demon looking things and shows his true self. His entire body is a living creature with a gaping mouth and rows of teeth.

Finally we meet professor Booker himself and see that he’s in mid combat with a tentacled monster before being pulled through a portal and back to his lab.

It’s a bit choppy, a little too much going on in a singe issue. With so many teams all doing their own things it’s hard to see a through point. I’m sure as the series goes in all with intertwine but, as it is, it all feels a little too separate.

The good, the bad and the star rating…
The Good – The idea is solid and the art is fine.
The Bad – Far too much going on. Hectic feel to the whole book. Too busy to enjoy.
The Stars – As it’s the first issue and needed to introduce everyone I’ll go easy on it and give it a 3. The writer needs to calm down a little. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book.

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