REVIEW: Descender #1

Story: Jeff Lemire
Art: Dustin Nguyen
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 3/4/2015

This week, Image Comics brings us the highly anticipated Descender #1 from superstar creative team Jeff Lemire & Dustin Nguyen. This first issue features two stories that are set to come together in future issues. Early on in the issue we are introduced to Dr. Jin Quon. Dr. Quon is the lead expert in modern robotics for a collection of 9 planets known as the United Galactic Council (UGC), and is called upon one day to assess a simultaneous threat to all 9 planets. Before he can gather the details about what is happening, a major catastrophe occurs which devastates the collection of planets. The story moves ahead a decade and we are introduced to Tim-21, a young companion robot on a remote mining colony in the UGC. Tim awakens from a 10 year sleep to find he is the only remaining inhabitant of his colony. As Tim searches for clues to what has happened, The story moves back to Dr. Quon who we see 10 years after the events that devastated the UGC. The story comes together in the final stretch as we learn Dr. Quon, Tim-21 and the catastrophe that occurred in the UCG are all connected.

This was a terrific intro to what could be one of the best comic series of the year. Jeff Lemire has created an intriguing sci-fi world and a story that immediately draws you in. Dustin Nguyen’s contributions are equally impressive. The excellent character design and beautifully painted pages contribute just as much to the success of this first issue as Lemire’s story.


Final Verdict:  BUY THIS BOOK.  The story gets off to a strong start and I guarantee after finishing the story you’ll go back to revisit some of the wonderfully painted panels.

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