REVIEW: Descender #5

Descender #5

Written by Jeff Lemire, art by Dustin Nguyen published by Image

Well done Image! A recap page! Wooo! Have a cookie!

Set in the far future a vast galactic government, the UCG has had its head kicked in by robots called Harvesters and now the victorious but broken remnants have outlawed them. Three surviving robots, a little robot dog thing, a big red version of Cosmos the transformer called Driller and a human like companion robot called Tim-21 who may hold the secret to defeating another attack by the Harvesters and is nauseatingly sweet.

Dear Mr Lemire

I Love your work, but that must have been a long elevator ride to get that pitch in. As it stands Descender is growing on me. The characters are fleshed out, the setting feels alien but the politics make it relatable and Lemire really knows how to pace a story.

The art. Dustin Nguyen’s painted style is certainly something. I wish I knew what. His story telling is fairly strong as is his design but there’s no sense of depth and here and there his lack of detail makes me feel like I’ve forgotten to put my glasses on. There are scenes in the UGC that are clean and sterile where Nguyen’s style works but there are scenes set in a gladiatorial smelting pit that just don’t work. The actions fine but it just doesn’t feel…DIRTY enough.

It’s not enough to make me not want to read more but it doesn’t make it very memorable.

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