REVIEW: Destiny, NY: Chapter #1

Usually when I see a comic book that lacks color, I’m instantly turned off. Intellectually I mean, get cho mind out of the gutter! But Destiny: Chapter 1 actually took me by surprise, and everyone needs a good surprise here and there.

Being the first issue, this book briefly touched on a back story, but thoroughly explained the main character, Logan McBride. She goes to a school that is full of people like her who are magically inclined, and all have a destiny to fulfill. That coupled with her a slightly rocky personal life that us non-magical people can relate to, and we’ve got ourselves a pretty and comprehensive character. The story was engaging, and made you want to get to the second issue. It has sexual notes and clearly conveyed emotions, which really worked for the story in this case. Sometimes sex can be just thrown here and there in a petty attempt to make a story more interesting, but that isn’t the case here. It’s fitting, and further explains Logan and her life.

The artwork is pretty damn stunning, and even though I truly do like it, I really do wonder how amazing it could look with an excellent colorist. Even without color, the style stands out and it doesn’t look like basic linework or anything lazy. There is shading and texture, and the characters all stand out on their own without relying on color to get to the job done. Plus, the cat, Brody, is adorable. Extra points for cute animals.

Destiny is a different take on the everyday life of a woman who doesn’t exactly have an everyday type of meaning to her existence. But following her throughout the pages drew me in, and the story felt refreshing as hell. One thing I did notice was a grammatical error in the middle of the book, which sucks but hey, mistakes happen. Overlooking that, this story is very tight and well-rounded with gorgeous illustrations and tons of foreshadowing.

I’m pretty excited to read the next issue, and the world of Destiny is one that immediately immerses the reader.

Story: 5 Stars
Illustrations: 5 Stars

Writer: Pat Shand (Robyn Hood, Van Helsing, Iron Man, Charmed)
Art: Manuel Preitano (Robyn Hood, Goddess Inc, Hearts)

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