REVIEW: Detective Comics #940

Rise of the Batmen Part 7

The story so far….

Batman has created a team lead by Kate Kane aka Batwoman and Tim Drake aka Red Robin consisting of Cassandra Cain aka Orphan, Stephanie Brown aka Spoiler and Basil Karlo aka Clayface. The idea is to help train the newer members and help them become a united team worthy of joining the bat family.

Their first mission consists of helping to recuse Batman after he is captured by a group of soldiers in bat armour nicknamed the Batmen, once the team locate Batman they find out the mastermind behind the Batmen is none other than Kate’s father Jacob Kane that believes one Batman is not enough for what’s to come. Managing to escape and evade his forces Tim hacks their systems and learns that Jacob plans multiple drone strikes across Gotham targeting what he believes to be sleeper agents and labels the hundreds of innocents that will be caught in the crossfire reasonable collateral. As the team split up to take on the multiple targets and save as many lives as possible Tim reprograms all the drones targets to a single location and solo target…. Himself.

Since rebirth Detective Comics has been one of my must read titles as the story has been excellent and the art outstanding, the build up to this issue has been fast paced with no signs of slowing down, this issues has some gorgeous full-page spreads with a stunningly drawn tender moment between Batman and Spoiler. If you only buy one Batman book them this would be my recommendation.

5 stars hands down.

Written by James Tynion lV
Pencils by Eddy Barrows
Inks Eber Ferreira
Colours by Adriano Lucas
Letters by Marilyn Patrizio
Published by DC comics
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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