REVIEW: Detective Comics #941

Night of the Monster men part 3 apparently. I have fuck all respect for DC. Not that this is a terrible comic, it does the job the story title sums up, there’s an interesting team dynamic, Batman’s a control freak, Batwoman remains a character I wish was in the Marvel universe and there’s one of those science bits were the Spoiler figures shit out that doesn’t really get resolved.That’s the problem. It’s all plate spinning and the plates are full of spagbol, the mushy kind with meatballs. So it should be a tasty dish but instead you wind up covered in tom’ sauce and balls.

The art is good, there’s one bit where I’m pretty sure spoiler kills a bunch of people by blocking a tunnel with a net but other than that the monsters and tech look monastery and techy, the story telling flows and it’s not the artists fault that Gotham Girl’s outfit is a complete disaster.

The writing maintains a good level of tension despite being a bit wordy in places, and what Night wing was supposed to do against someone with Superman powers I will never know. The big problem with the writing is the distinct feeling no one has a clue where it’s going, and THAT ladies and gentleman is the source of my disrespect. 2.5/5

(W) James TynionIV, Steve Orlando (A) Andy MacDonald (CA) Yanick Paquette

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