REVIEW: Detective Comics #943

Start of a new arc, looks better than the last one. As the folk with a fetish for nocturnal crime fighting mourn a loss and some swanky new villains come into play the characters all seem to be doing something and plot lines all seem to be moving, I just hope it doesn’t all turn into plate spinning like so many of these things do.

Wordy but consistently interesting, every character seems to have a voice which is an impressive feat for such a massive cast. The new villains look great and have a rather good motivation, in fact there seems to be a slight X-Men vibe to the whole comic.

The art is consistent and really good at the subtle stuff like body language and facial expressions, the design of the new villains hold up, as well as a couple of other things, till you realize there might be a bit too much borrowed from other characters, though not so much they don’t at least look good.

It’s a good comic, I enjoyed it more than the last one I read. 3.8/5

Written by James Tynion IV, art by Alvaro Martinez, published by DC

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