REVIEW: Detective Comics #946

If you’re wondering what the character of Batman could possibly have to say after nine hundred and forty-five issues just read the first two pages of this issue. The scene is between Batman and Robin as they look out over the skyline of Gotham. Tim postulates over the possibilities of a brighter and better Gotham while Bruce is still mired in doubt. Robin extolls the virtues of a Gotham that has a team of Batmen working the streets instead of a lone figure that has to choose and decide what call to take, what villain to chase.

It’s in this moment that we see the stark differences between the two men and yet we are also reminded of the dedication that they have to one another. Robin is the light and Batman is the dark and one cannot exist without the other. The two have been and will continue to be the ideal pair of crime fighters in comics.

This installment continues the Victim Syndicate storyline as Batman and his team confronts each member of the syndicate one on one. As the book progresses each hero faces their own doubts and fears and in conquering their own moral crisis they defeat another bad guy. The final page of the book reveals a new threat in the form of a former ally. I won’t give it away but it’s nice to see DC finally do something outside of the box with this character.

Final Thoughts: By the end of the issue the question stands — Are the people who fight alongside Bruce better off or worse for having taken up his cause? I guess it will be another issue before we start to get our answers.

Final Score: 4 stars

Story: James Tynion IV
Art: Eddy Barrows
Inks: Eber Ferreira and Julio Ferreira
Colors: Adriano Lucas
Letters: Marilyn Patrizio
Publisher: DC Comics

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