REVIEW: Detective Comics #948

Detective Comics has improved in leaps and bounds recently, especially now we’re over that monster business… Wait this one has monsters in it to? Oh well…

In fairness its bloody good, not much background but I love Batwoman, and Batman is at his coolest when he’s used as a scalpel, which in this he is. It’s a good mix, Batwoman carries the emotional weight needed in a book with Batman, who makes Mister Spock look like Noel Fielding (google is your friend). Even the colour scheme works, Batman is all cool blues, Batwoman fiery reds. The contrast is great.

The art is great to. At first I was a bit concerned the heavy watercolour styled colouring would make the page blur into a big muddy rectangle but there’s some very deliberate line work and lighting that keeps everything clear and crispy.

So despite this coming off the back of a crossover I didn’t really care for, it’s the best Bat-book out there.

(W) James TynionIV, Marguerite Bennett (A/CA) Ben Oliver

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