Review: Diana Princess Of The Amazon

It official folks, we are currently in midst of a 6 month countdown till Wonder Woman: 84 is released (June 2020).  Frankly, I can’t wait.  One of the most interesting aspects of Wonder Woman is her historically ambiguous origins, but for intent and purposes here Diana is the only person to be born and raised on the island of the Amazons, which was very briefly alluded to in the first Wonder Woman  movie.  But I feel like we still don’t know Diana.  That’s why its not lost on me that Wonder Woman Diana Princess Of The Amazon is a more in-depth look that is being released at an opportune time.

Diana Princess Of The Amazon is set on The secret and magical island of Themyscira, where Diana lives with her mother, Hippolyta, and the rest of the Amazons.  Because of her unusual beginning, Diana is an oddity on the island, and she longs for a chance to prove herself equal to her Amazonian sisters. These women are fierce warriors who died in battle during their mortal lives.  But there are no battles on Themyscira, it is perfect in its own way, and has tons of stuff to do and everything a kid could want…except for other kids.  Diana is having a difficult time connecting to anyone on the island because just about everyone is 1,000 years old.  Thus she is stuck in the middle of being either too old or too young for everything.  She just can’t seems to feel day by day more alienated, until one day Diana links up with a new friend, who is unruly and seems to enjoy leading Diana down the wrong path.

Final Verdict:  This is as much a story about Diana’s complex relationship with her mother than anything else and we need more of that.  Diana Princess Of The Amazon’s character is intricately tied to Greek lore, so it’s no surprise that this book is full of legends and ancient deities. The characters run into several Greek gods throughout the story—and not all of them are friendly.  The interior art done by Victoria King though incredibly simplistic, colorful and evokes a lot of flowery imagery.  The plot is great, though. The action scenes with little Diana, with the will she or wont she, were amazing.  When it comes down to Diana Princess Of The Amazon, is the latest in a line Wonder Woman related materials from a very talented team that I wish could make it into the monthly rotation.

SCORE: 4 stars out of 5

(W) Shanon Hale & Deane Hale
(A) Victoria King
(C) Lark Pien
(L) Dave Sharpe