REVIEW: Diesel #4

Diesel #4
Written/Art By Tyson Hesse, letters by Jim Campbell
Published by Boom! Box a Division of Boom Entertainment
December 23, 2015

A young girl Dee and her adopted brother named Wee Bull get themselves involved in an uprising against a foreign power of birdmen called the Teppa while also trying to find their adoptive father who went missing and believed to be a captive of the Teppa. Their mission is to destroy a communications tower so the Teppa cannot call for reinforcements while the uprising takes place.

If you like a story that you can get right into without feeling lost then this story is for you. Well developed it offers just enough back-story without losing momentum on the present. You feel that what is happening in the moment is very relevant to the back story. I myself never having read the previous three issues had no problem picking up this comic and getting into this story.

The artwork is sound. Characters are well designed and very animated. I particularly liked the robot Dee has following her around she fondly nicknamed “Rick”, short for Rickets. He reminds me of a junky R2-D2 but a lot more run down which gives him his own personality. Of course he whirrs and beeps just like the famous astromech but that’s only because Dee removed his music box that she found annoying. I also found the backgrounds complimented the story very well. The colors are rich, vibrant and draw you in.

The action scenes are well laid out. When characters clash their movements are fluid and their impacts are felt. Even the explosions are dynamic and can be felt by the reader. Every illustration helps tell the tale without a lot of need for dialogue.

You cannot help but get swept up in the plight of Dee and her brother Wee Bull and really feel there is some brother sister sentiment. I cannot wait to see where their adventures take them in the next book of the story of Tyson Hesse’s Diesel.

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