REVIEW: Disney Giant Halloween Hex #1

When I was told to review this comic I thought it would be a cake walk. I mean, it’s Disney, its Halloween, what more could you write? But then I opened it up and sweet Lordy! This is a can of worms!

Let’s start with the cover. The price to own this 64 page comic is $6.99. That’s a little steep considering that the three stories that you get inside the comic are all reprints. (2 stories are foreign works being published in English for the first time and the last is a classic strip from 1964) That’s a bit of a rip off! Considering that there are a ton of other titles out there that are entirely original and cost less why would you want to get stuck with holiday reprints?

The next thing I noticed is that this entire issue is nothing more than a story about a Scrooge McDuck villain. With a comic named Disney Halloween Hex…you would think that you’re at least getting the full roster of Mickey and the gang. (One of the variant covers to this issue features Minnie and Mickey, which neither appears in the comic) Nope. You get barely get Scrooge in a few pages, the rest of the entire book is devoted to Magica.(You remember her right? Nope? Me either)

Now unless you are a hardcore Disney fan or a fan of the 90’s cartoon Duck Tales, I don’t think that there is much here for you to waste your money on. This book is a cash grab by IDW and Disney and both should be ashamed of trying to rip off younger readers with such a crappy comic.

The price point sucks.

The story and lack of characters suck.

The only scare here is that some innocent kid is going to get bilked out of seven bucks for this crap.

Shame on you IDW/Disney! Shame on you!

Final Grade: 0 Stars

0 Stars

Disney Giant Halloween Hex #1
Story/Art: Various
Publisher: IDW

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