REVIEW: Disney Magic Kingdom Comics #2

Anthology by IDW

Well I felt myself clench thinking of reading another humour book but though this is a cynical advert for Disneyland and the Mickey Mouse “story” is just a tour of things that won’t look as impressive and actually go some way to ruining the magic for the target audience, by having the actors in the suits break character, it’s not a horrible comic.

It’s written and drawn by a host of writers and artists and the stories are all taken from various comics through Disney’s dalliance with the medium, not that you can tell as everyone still dresses like it was the fifties and dialogue is as wooden as Pinocchio’s todger.

This could be considered the origin of product placement, that product being the human milking machine run by a giant rat, but it’s never that obnoxious and as the stiff script allows for forced dialogue to sound like it should be there hence it’s not that offensive.

It’s a kids comic about some talking ducks and a mutant mouse in dungarees, I didn’t get much more out of it and at 6.99 you will have to love Huey, Luey and Duey more than it might be legally to  really get your moneys worth. 2.4/5

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