Review: Displaced #1 Left to Die

“Come with me if you want to live!”  It’s one of the key catchphrases of movie history that has been used any number of times.  Cross that up with an almost Sliders type of affair, that threatens to give the protagonist a totally different life, that offers nothing but horror and despair and you start to get an idea on  what this new series from a debuting writer has in store.

Eliza has a life that pretty much is going OK.  By now we know that happiness doesn’t make a great comic story, so it comes as no surprise that things are going to go more than a little pear-shaped.  Still, thats down the way a little.  This issue is all about the setup, giving the reader a change to get know Eliza and her brother Jon and their family dysfunction.  We also get to see the life almost led, of high school, homework and potential boyfriends.  The siblings biggest problem is the fallout between their parents; that is until a group of armoured people turn up and change everything, with disaster looming before the fall down this particular rabbit hole.

This book is series creator and writer Kevin Hamilton’s first foray into comic books after crafting his talents on short stories.  Putting the movie similarities aside, this book is a very solid outing.  The setup is great; getting to see the family life is a great way for the readers to feel the shock of the forthcoming events.  The dialogue between Eliza and Jon, shows how their partnership remains strong in the face of their challenges.

The art is provided by Jeferson Sadzinski, with a style that reminds me of the early Robin issues from way back when, with a cartoon look that belies the seriousness of the topics.  It is a style that people with and OCD for perspective may find annoying.  Keeping an open mind then is key to enjoying the visuals.  Sadzinski also provides inks and colors.  I would be interested in seeing how the pencils would look with a different inker, to may be take away certain rough elements. The colors are solid, meeting the tone of the book well without going over board.

This book was originally a Kickstarter project, that smashed its various goals.  Now looking at the quality of both the script and the art,  it seems clear that all involved shouldn’t have any problems raising funds for the subsequent issues.

Writing – 3.5 Stars
Art – 3.5 Stars


Written by; Kevin Hamilton
Art, Ink & Colors by; Jeferson Sadzinski