REVIEW: Divinity III Stalinverse #3

Oh dear.  Things are going from bad to worse for those Valiant heroes trapped in this alternative time line, a dark world given life by the god-like Divinity.  Ninjak leads the rebellion in search of the missing cosmonaut Abram Adams, the first Divinity who may be able to put right that which once went wrong.

This issue is a running battle, in which writer Matt Kindt cleverly overlays a sense of time running out in the desperate race to Adams.  The dialogue is tense and the action comes thick and fast.

Kindt, a Valiant veteran remains on top form throughout this book.  This is the type of story that I am sure that the powers of the Big Two will look on and wonder “Why can’t we do an event as good as this?”.  Part of this is due to the quality of the writing to be sure.  Another part is the “less is more” approach to tie-ins, which gives the series a more insular feel, almost intimate as if the problems that Ninjak and his fellow rebels face will have a real lasting effect.  I hope that this is the actual case as Kindt has managed to break through my cynicism so far.

Trevor Hairsine’s art is also top-notch.  There is an almost balletic feel to Ninjak’s movements which coupled with strong features on a number of characters adds to the sense of impending doom.  It’s as strong an artistic performance than you are likely to see in any book.  With art this good, Valiant may do well to keep hold of Hairsine.  Inker Ryan Winn along with Alisson Rodrigues adds to the art with fine lines that somehow emphasizes the strength of the artwork, rather than diluting it.  Colorist David Baron finishes the art par excellence with a subtle scheme.

This series has been quite a surprise for me.  Maybe the Valiant fans out there will deride me for coming late to this party, and if that’s the case, then so be it; I will take the hit.  Hopefully, Kindt and his crew will continue to deliver on this book.

Writing – 5 Stars
Art – 5 Stars
Colors – 5 Stars

STORY BY Matt Kindt
ART BY Ryan Winn and Trevor Hairsine
COLORS BY David Baron

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