Review: Divinity III – Stalinverse #4

The Valiant universe has changed.  In its place, a world where Mother Russia is the sole major power; protected by some of the mightiest “heroes” of the long gone Valiant age.  Still, there is hope.

Following last issues decapitation, Abram Adams pulls a “The Iron Giant” routine and sets of across the world, to put right what once went wrong.  In order to do that he  clears the clouded mind of some and reignites the nannites of others, leading to a startling confrontation between those possessing the powers of Gods!

Writer Matt Kindt is stellar writer who for a lot of people, can’t do anything wrong.  The setup  of this mini series has been great.  Each issue has successfully driven the threat of the impending doom from difficult to practically world destroying!  However, from this painted corner, Kindt tries to leave the room without a mis-step.  It’s a big ask especially as everything has been leading to this point.  With characters so powerful you could expect some fireworks.  In this instance, you may be disappointed as the means to the tie things up is a tad underwhelming, at least in my opinion.  There is a certain to logic in play as the characters move in to their required places, although for practically no real reason.

Trevor Hairsine’s art, who along with inkers Ryan Winn and Alisson Rodrigues, maintains the high quality work.  If you have been reading this run from the start, you will know what to expect;  lines that times are angular hinting at overall shape of characters rather than an intricate style that relies on delicate lines.  There is a heaviness to the characters, as if they are actually within the world of book.  That is a credit to all involved as the reader has to believe that this world is the actual world rather than a facsimile.  David Baron applies his usual excellent standards to the colouring.

For a book that had so much potential, I can’t help feel a little bit disappointed in the conclusion.  With the level of effort that Valiant, as a company, has put into this event.  It seems that the things I feared regarding this run, may have unfortunately reared its head, leaving me not quite sure what all the fuss is regarding this series and feeling a little jaded regarding Valiant books.

Writing – 3 Stars
Art – 4 Stars
Colors – 4 Stars

Written by MATT KINDT

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