REVIEW: Doctor Fate #15

Written by Paul Levitz, Art by Sonny Lies, Published by DC Comics

Don’t usually do front covers, don’t know why. This though is worth noting as the attention to detail on the bridge and the dynamic pose of the title character make this cover pop. That and the lack of the eye blisteringly awful banner REBIRTH.

The inside I could care more about but I’m finding it hard to. It’s not a bad plot, mummies spring up people with helmets save the day, but that’s sort of it. As this is my first comic with this character it didn’t really enthrall me. The lead characters don’t really do much beyond get chased by mummies and zap mummies and there’s one disturbing bit where a cop doesn’t seem all that bothered about having his bottom half crushed by a bolder, and if he doesn’t care why should I?

The art seems to wander off and do it’s own thing. It’s an interesting choice of style for a superhero book but where it does intimate details and quiet moments well, the action is flat and the mummies feel as threatening as the Golden Girls Christmas special.

It’s possible this was just a hiccup issue, needed to tie a couple of brilliant issues together, I’ll never know because I’m finding it hard to remember which comic I’m typing about even now. 3/5

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