Review : Doctor Fate # 2

G’day Doctors!

Dodgy86 is once again in the mix, get your fix as I have another comic book review (as the Doctor ordered) of Doctor Fate # 2 by Paul Levitz with art by Sonny Liew and Lee Loughridge.

Doctor Fate is not now you perceived him to be.. a med student of Egyptian heritage Khalid Nassour based in Brooklyn now inherits the helmet of Fate. Can he cope with the responsibility and the visions he sees when wearing this helmet? Can he keep his friends and family safe in the process?

Being a teenager is just part of the challenge.

DC is at it again…

At their creative best.. Unapologetically by giving already developed lesser used characters a new direction with rich story telling and by diversifying new directions especially for new readers. Also real people with real problems and having ethnicity is always a welcomed change. This book is almost a non-superhero story involving superheroes! The twisted art by Liew and Loughridge help the narrative seeing in Khalids’ eyes and adds depth.

Get a dose of this and do ya’self a favour and check it out!

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