REVIEW: Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #9

Merlin recruited sorcerers from all ages and times to help him fight and evil foe. When they completed their task Sir Isaac Newton went rogue, used forbidden magic, and turned on his fellow sorcerer’s. What a crappy move right.

While fighting Newton the others were overpowered, the avengers couldn’t help so Wiccan decided to do something different. He transported them somewhere else. but where?

The team of sorcerer’s find themselves trapped in a book of power. They need to find a way out of the book before it kills them and they need to find Newton and his new beast friend.  Howard the duck is brave and witty as always while Stephen Strange comes up with a way for them to escape the book. The others fight on until Strange finds a rip in a page. This give them the advantage they need.  So, what does he do to save them…. Origami of course. And with his folded cranes they fly off the book and into this beast nightmare realm.

Newton and the Beast have the youngest of the sorcerer’s in his clutches about to pull him apart when the gang arrive on a fiery dragon, well that’s what the beast sees anyway.  Tricking the beast into destroying the dragon which is really a page from his book, which I might add is the source of his power and with this gone he is vulnerable, so Wiccan using the mark and just like that a big CHUMP and WOOUF and the beast is gone.

Newton is not happy, they have destroyed unlimited power, power they should not have but Newton catches the last piece of paper from the book and SNAP transports them all back to the present.

Wiccan quickly restrains Newtons hand’s so he doesn’t get into any more trouble and restores what was taken for each sorcerer. Strange is worried about how this magic is effecting Wiccan but he tries to convince him that it is all fine. He feels the power flowing through him and that he feels perfect. But as he sends the others back to their time something happens. Something isn’t right with Wiccan and he falls to the ground.

What will happen to him and the others? How can they save their friend? What will become of this powerful sorcerer?

This issue is as strange as the Doctor himself. Howard is a personal favourite of mine so it makes me smile when he’s around. This is a good read for any Dr Strange fan, the story is well told and you are given just enough back story to understand what’s going on. The art work reminds me of some of the old 80/90’s comics and it gives it retro feel to the start of this issue. 4 out 5.

STORY BY Robbie Thompson
ART BY Alvaro Lopez and Javier Rodriguez
COLORS BY Jordie Bellaire
LETTERS BY VC’s Joe Caramagna
COVER BY Javier Rodriguez
PUBLISHER Marvel Comics

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