REVIEW: Doctor Strange: Mystic Apprentice #1


With November 4th quickly approaching, it seems only logical Marvel would release Doctor Strange:  Mystic Apprentice.  The story shows Stephen Strange beginning his mystical journey.  Doctor Strange has trained and shown great skill but is struggle to project his astral form.

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The addition of Strange Tales #110 and #115 are a bonus to this book and seeing creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s work was a major geek out for me as a Doctor Strange fan.

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The retelling of Stephen Strange’s origin and introduction to the mystic arts is a perfect primer for the upcoming cinematic release.  This is a book my daughter will love and will greatly impact her movie-going experience.

Mr. Pilgrim delivers a respectable script and the art of Di Vito and colors of Villari are a great “all ages” introduction to Doctor Strange, although I found some of the character’s legs to be wonky but not off-putting. I think most hard-core fans will feel this is “Dr. Strange Vanilla” and that is perfectly ok for what the title is designed to do.

I think those who want a better experience in the theatre should pick up this issue and watch the film.  If you happen to see a large bald tattooed freak geeking out in the theatre stop by and say, “Hi.”  AFTER THE FILM!

Written by Will Corona Pilgrim
Art by Andrea Di Vito
Cover by Michael Ryan
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