This was a Christmas bike crash level of ugly. The scruffy inks where too heavy on top of  pencils that didn’t capture any of the likenesses of the cast. You could have told me this was a comic based on TJ Hooker and after I got over the shock of someone making that reference I would have agreed with you. The only difference is Shatner never wobbled his truss at mermaid aliens.

The story got dull as it went on, mainly because of the pacing which flowed like the stream from a blocked urithera and patches of dry dialogue that become a chor to read. The story itself wouldn’t be too bad if it was hammered into some kind of shape by better art and structure.

I’ve rarely liked Doctor Who comics, and so far they’re not doing anything to convince me to.

By Cavan Scott, Adriana Memo, Marco Lesko & Chris Bolson published by Titan


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