REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #14

Doctor Who: New Adventures with the Eleventh Doctor #14

Written by Al Ewing, Rob Williams, Art by Simon Fraser, Gary Caldwell, Published by the Titan Comics/BBC

After the last Who comic I read the only thing attracting me to this was the promise of more Matt Smith… WHY DID HE HAVE TO GO??? fucking bbc… So I went into this with my expectations about as low as Lloyd Grossman at a Junior School bake-off.

My fears were slightly curtailed by a ‘previously’ paragraph that described something that sounded like it would make the head of BBC special effects give up and start taking LSD. What followed was a simple story of rejection with a splash of Arthur Dent and a dollop of Flight of the Navigator. Tag on a twist Mother Shipman wouldn’t see coming and you get a Who comic worth reading.

Al Ewing captures the Eleventh Doctor rather well, right down to his distracted asides. His companions are new to the comic but don’t let that put you off, each one is a character unto themselves and they’re all very likable and serve the story.

Rob Williams and co keep it simple and elegant and know when to go splash and when to keep it intimate. His Matt Smith is odd, you know how Andrew Lincoln doesn’t look like Rick Grimes but somehow captures his essence? Well Williams captures Smith’s essence and it’s more than enough to satisfy anyone who’s been craving more Matt Smith…cough.

Vast improvement on the Ninth Doctor series and steps up the quality of licensed comics.

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