REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Year Three #2

We get a quick break from the main story line of Doctor Who, 12th Doctor, Year Three this month. (Titan Comics really need to let at least one of the recent incarnations of The Doctor rest, if only to simplify their titles.) After a single issue of the main plot for this series, The Doctor pops back in time to small town 1950s America to save the world. It’s what he does, after all.

When the TARDIS lands, The Doctor finds himself in a place that is permanently night-time with a giant smile in the sky and most of the town turned into a zombie horde. There is a waitress at the local diner who along with a pair of cops are the only people not turned into zombies.

I would say that the plot of the story doesn’t really hold together, but then again neither do most of Steven Moffat’s tv plots. While James Peaty’s plotting isn’t great, he does do an excellent job of getting The Doctor right. In the show Peter Capaldi, has to manage a tough balance of being grumpy and irritable without being unlikable. Peaty (Supergirl, Green Arrow) shows that he can maintain that balance in this story.

The biggest asset to the comic is Warren Pleece’s (2000 AD, Hellblazer) art. He makes the strange altered town creepy but interesting. His work is full of all the small details that fill out the world in this book and make it seem both more real and more nightmarish

The quality of the Doctor Who books varies greatly between all the books from teams that get their Doctor and his adventures spot on to ones like this book which is hit or miss. You really have to find a team that you like and follow them across the books rather than follow the version of The Doctor you like on television.

Writer: James Peaty
Artist: Warren Pleece
Colors: Hi-Fi

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