REVIEW: Doctor Who : The Twelfth Doctor Year Two #9

The TARDIS has always been a favorite staple of mine in the Who universe. A blue police box that can travel anywhere and any when, what respectable science fiction nerd could pass up the potential possibilities! The TARDIS has been synonymous with the Doctor; from the very start of the TV series back in the 60’s and it’s still his preferred method of transportation today. It’s not hard to guess that there have to be a few great stories about the TARDIS out there. This would be one of them.

The Doctor and his travelling companion, who is not THEE Companion, Hattie are rocking out inside of the TARDIS, when the Time And Relative Dimension In Space decides that it wants to take a detour of its own accord and stop to investigate a strange a spooky house. It is here that our adventure begins.

While I won’t spoil the plot I will say that this is one of the better Doctor Who comics I have read lately. I will also say that this “haunted house” story comes just in time for Halloween. It seems that the Doctor and Hattie are tasked with the mystery of how this spooky old mansion has so many rooms and seems to be growing into a full-blown labyrinth. (R.I.P. David Bowie)

The artwork is spot on as the Doctor looks like current TV star Peter Capaldi. In fact, the art goes a long way towards giving the comic book version of Doctor Who a playfulness that is often held in reserve on the television show. It’s nice to see that side of the Doctor again.

Final Thought: A fun story that is accentuated by the artwork, making for a great read.

Final Grade: 4 stars

Story: George Mann
Art: Rachel Stott
Colors: Alexandre Siqueira
Publisher: Titan Comics

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