Review : Donald Duck # 3

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Dodgy86 is in the mix, today I present you another comic book review of Donald Duck # 3 which includes two stories; first by Giorgio Pezzin with art by Giorgio Cavazzano and written and art by Al Taliaferro.

I was surprised when opening this book, not only the age of the books but they were Italian published and by Italian creators (hence the names!)

Story 1 : The Siege of Nothing Atoll (1976)
Scrooge McDuck is in a dilemma! He has lost a cargo plane involving his gold over a lonely island called The Nothing Atoll and it’s vanished and without a trace. Contemplating if he should send another plane in the risk of losing more gold; he enlists his nephews Donald and Fethry on a mission to fly a Trojan horse of a cargo plan to find out what’s going on in The Nothing Atoll. To their surprise the island is not what it seems and can they escape the claws of Dr. Chromedome?

Story 2 : Garbage Out, Garbage In (1949)
A short story of Donald with his nephews Huey, Duey and Louie. Donald has just missed out on the fortnightly trash pick up, he needs to find an alternative of dropping off his trash and does karma come his way?

This was a fun read! Story 1, for a book with a science fiction twist I found it hard to believe this book was made in 1976. It was smart, creative and funny especially the chemistry between Fethry and Donald.(the feathered odd couple!) Story 2, This art style is legendary in the Disney newspaper comic strip scene… The story is short yet tells a very detailed story and was absolutely hilarious!

I may be biased on this score…It’s a small world after all, Do ya’self a favour and pick this up!

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