REVIEW: Donald Duck – The Daily Newspaper Comics Vol. 1 1938 – 1940

G’Day Guys,

This is Dodgy86 back in the mix, brining you another review. Today I bring you Donald Duck : The Daily Newspaper Comics Volume 1 1938 – 1940 by Al Taliaferro ‘The Forgotten Duck Man”.

We all grew up with the Disney brand and we are familiar with the legendary temper of Disney Icon Donald Duck, in most opinions his character is funnier than Disney’s original character Mickey Mouse. Little did we know; Al Taliaferro rightfully (not fairly) called “The Forgotten Duck Man”, his influence is significantly bold in the Disney Universe, especially with the development of our favorite duck! Mr Taliaferro’s genius through newspaper dailies redeveloped and broadened Donald’s personality as we now know it and also created Donald’s nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Several introductory pages telling Al and Donald’s story between 1938 to 1940, this deluxe book has over 270 pages following Donald in over 700 adventures in individual comic strips!
Each story is told in a Tier (single row) both short yet detailed enough to tell the whole story, some stories are linked. Guest stars are to Donald’s annoyance… his cousin Gus Goose, nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, his pet ST. Bernard Bovilar and his gift a pet Ostrich. As well as enemies the woodpecker, the stubborn mule and anyone Donald encounters!

There are so many stories in this book, hours of fun and a lot of laugh out loud moments.. The dry humour and slap stick humor in this book is still current and almost hard to believe these stories were told in the 1930-40s, then you are reminded by the dated looking technology for example : the appearances of cars, telephones and toasters.

This book can be repetitive; best pace yourself enjoying the stories by reading sporadically rather than sit down to read and marathon the whole book.

When these stories were released they were suitable for all ages, however being dated it can be seen as violent and includes dozens of stories with gun possession.

This will be a welcomed addition to any book collection (including mine), despite what I mentioned as negative…. Do ya’self a favour and check it out!!

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