REVIEW: Doppelgänger #1

Doppelgänger #1

After Dennis is in a car crash that kills the other driver Dennis finds that his life too is over, in a way far worse than death.

So you’re minding your own business, working at a job where the boss’s jerk of a son in-law makes your life hell but at least you get to go home to a loving wife, polite daughter and cute dog, it’s not that bad of a life, it’s your life, at least it was your life.

Spoilers ahead….
When an old man has a heart attack behind the wheel of his car he crashes into poor Dennis, a man just living his normal life, but when Dennis comes home to find an exact copy of himself in his house his life is turned upside down and inside out. This second Dennis explains that the old man who died was his last host and once he died he needed to take the form of a new host and that host is Dennis. Sadly Dennis can not be allowed to continue living and will be made “unalive” in less than three days so this thing can take over his life permanently. Is it a life worth fighting for or is he welcome to it, Only time will tell if Dennis can survive and regain his life and family or if he’s doomed to watch on helpless as someone lives his life better than he ever could.

What an awesome concept it’s very ‘sixth day’ almost with a clone taking over our life, you get a feel of how poorly Dennis is treated at work and what this newer version of him is going to do to get back at people.The art is fair, it’s nothing fancy but it doesn’t take anything away from the story which is actually strong enough that you could overlook any art style.

I Enjoy a creepy ‘tales from the crypt’ type story and this one falls dead centre. I’ve not read anything from this publisher in the past but if the standard is this high across the board I might check out their other titles. If you like a good underdog story with hint of creep then this is a good title to check out. I look forward to the next issue 5 stars.

Created, written and coloured by Jordan Hart
Pencilled and inked by Emmauel Xerx Javier
Published by Alterna Comics
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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