REVIEW: Dr. Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #8

This book is nothing but magic in art and story. If you’ve been following along since issue one then you know what a ride it’s been. Written by Robbie Thompson. He’s been keeping the sorcerers plenty busy with time travel, side dimensions, magic traps, crazy magical creatures, the list goes on and on. So the art team of pencils done by Javier Rodriguez, inks by Alvaro Lopez and colors by Jordie Bellaire have been quite busy. With some splash pages done upside down or with colors of a different dimension or flashback makes this comic visually stunning. It really feels like magic in my hands. There’s so much going on that some pages have to be made out of magic to hold in all the detail. I’ve really enjoyed this story so far. If you’re a magic fan and or Dr. Strange fan then you should be reading this comic.

The story so far is Dr. Strange is recruited by Merlin master of all wizards and secrets. Dr. Strange has lost a lot of his magic potential as he is then joined by other sorcerer supreme’s that Merlin has collected throughout time to stop an oncoming threat. A lot are from the past and one is from the future. Wiccan who has Cloak’s cloak is the future sorcerer supreme from the and what a good choice for the story. Each member is plagued or haunted in some form or matter. You should definitely go back and read the previous seven issues. It’s great how they are drawn, colored and thrown into these insane magical situations. In issue eight we find our supreme’s back in present time with the Avengers as the threat gets real. An unforeseen villain has now entered the playing field and has totally changed the game for our supreme team.

There’s so much for you to look at and get lost in wonder with this storyline. It’s a breath of fresh air and each new issue that comes out is another refreshing breath. With a fast paced story mixed with clever and quick background stories of character discoveries, this comic has been simply just a fun entertaining ride. I mean issue six was a “choose your own adventure” like style that has you flipping through the pages to save your favorite characters and decisions. The art is amazing and super busy. It’s very fun and great to look at. It’s candy for your eyeballs. Such creative panel work and color work. I liked this book a lot and can not wait for the next issue. Don’t let this one slip you by readers. Dr. Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme gets five out of five stars!!

(W) Robbie Thompson (A/CA) Javier Rodriguez

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