REVIEW: Drax #8

Writers CM Punk & Cullen Bunn, artists Scott Hepburn, Marcus To, Scott Hannah, published by Marvel

Another simple tale of kidnap, space pirates, dragon eggs and people with snakes for hair. CM Punk is as good at writing as I am wrestling but he pours enthusiasm into it and Bunn molds it well. It’s not a dark and brooding misery tale so I’m guessing a lot of today’s comic reading crowd won’t like it but it’s a great comic for getting fresh blood into the gene pool. There’s enough mad action and silly names (Planet Terry for fucks sake how brilliantly stupid is that?) to get the wrestling crowd intrigued, especially as it features a character played by a wrestler being written by a wrestler and the crowd that saw Guardians of the Galaxy would love it to.

I’m not suggesting for a moment that the Industry in its wisdom would market this to those audiences or that the over lord Diamond would distribute to anything but the last outposts selling geek merchandise, but they’ve missed a trick.

The art is being handled by a small army and it shows in places but it never drops to Liefeldian standards and the cartoon edge serves the flavour of the comic well. Plenty of “wacky” designs, action over violence, good fun.

Fun, god I could do with some more fun right now. We all could.

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