REVIEW: Drifter #13

STORY BY Ivan Brandon, ART BY Nic Klein, Published Image

If this comic did one thing right it’s wash the taste of orange cat out of my mind. If there’s one thing it did wrong is forgo the recap. So I know this is a good comic, there’s fully formed characters, strange haunting dialogue and the pacing is perfect. I had absolutely no context to set anything against. In fairness the writing is strong enough to carry the events immediately happening so the comic itself is a good read, I just had no idea why the characters were in the predicament they were in or what they were supposed to be doing or why this seemingly frozen world was full of purple zombie monsters.

The arts really nice, detailed but clear and the artist does this layout of diminishing panels a few times that’s very effective in focusing the readers attention. All the characters are individually designed so you know exactly who you are looking at in any given sequence, you just have no idea who they are. Except Olga, she was directly referred to.

So yeah, it’s got an apocalyptic/other world/ice age thing going on and I would imagine the rest of it’s just as good.


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